25 Ways to Use Castile Soap


Castile Soap was first created in the Castile region of Spain before its use spread to Europe. The traditional recipe used Olive Oil, making its most basic form being vegetable based. Today, many add coconut, castor, hemp, and other oils to help provide more lather or moisture.

The best part of Castile Soap is that it is environmentally friendly. You will find after reading this, that liquid or bar Castile soap can replace a plethora of other products in your home!

I'd like to add, that when you use Castile soap for certain things and dilute it, you shorten the shelf life of it and you should use your diluted mixture within a couple of weeks after making it.

I am not a physician or medical expert so if you have more questions, you can always ask your family care physician. I am simply just sharing some of these methods I use in my own home or have found these tips after reading articles from magazines, or holistic and natural product use bloggers that I follow. The best part is that you are not working with something toxic and in its purest form, castile soap is gentle.

Now, let's get into all the ways you can use Castile soap!

1. Wound Cleaner: You can use Castile soap to clean minor wounds. All you need is to do is add 2 teaspoons of soap to 2 cups of filtered drinking water to create a cleansing solution.

2. Natural deodorant: Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Castile soap and 1 teaspoon of sea salt to a small spray bottle and use in the underarm area as needed.

3. Clean dishes: Mix one part of soap to 10 parts of water and then put in a reusable container and you have your dish soap!

4. Dishwasher detergent: Mix equal parts of soap and water and fill your soap compartment as usual.

5. Window Cleaner: This one is one of my favorites! Clean your windows with one tablespoon to a quart of water and put in a spray bottle to clean with. To rinse, spray with soda water and dry with newspaper!

6. Shampoo: Mix one tablespoon into a cup of water and use a small amount to wash your hair. You can also take a small undiluted amount and wash wet hair.

7. Body wash: Squeeze a small amount of Castile soap into your hands to use as a body wash. Use a washcloth or loofah to gently exfoliate your skin.

8. Face Wash: Since it is  mild enough to use on your face and strong enough to potentially prevent acne and kill harmful bacteria, you can use a face wash. Rub a few drops of soap onto your face and rinse as usual.

9. Hand Soap: You can easily make your own hand soap or foaming hand soap. Add 2 tablespoons of castile soap to 12 ounces of water. It’s optional to add 1/2 teaspoon of a carrier oil (coconut, jojoba, rose hip oil for example) or any essential oil. Fill your soap dispenser with the mixture.

10. All-purpose household cleaner: 1 to 2 cups in a quart of water and use in a spray bottle to tackle all the house cleaning!

11. Foot bath: Use castile soap to make yourself a relaxing foot bath. Simply add 2 teaspoons of liquid soap to a small bucket of hot water. You can add a few drops of an essential oil to enhance the experience. Sit back and unwind as you soak your feet for up to 20 minutes.

12. Laundry detergent: Use a half a cup to a load of laundry. This is especially useful for those who have sensitive skin or get rashes from store bought detergent.  If you are using a high efficiency washer, you would want to use less.

13. Taking a Bath: You can add 2 tablespoons to your bath to make it more luxurious. For some added moisture, you can add a tablespoon of carrier oil.

14. Sinus Decongestion: A Castile soap steam is a convenient way to clear your sinuses. Simply add 1 tablespoon of soap to a bowl of boiling hot water. Place your face over the water, drape a towel over your head, and breathe in the mist.

15. Mop the Floors: Add 1/2 a cup to 3 gallons of hot water and mop your floors as usual.

16. Toilet Cleaner: Use this solution to clean your toilet by mixing 1 cup of soap to 4 cups of water and put onto a spray bottle and clean as usual.

17. Ant Spray: If you have ants like we do, this one is GREAT! Add 1/4 cup of soap to a quart of water to make a spray that can be used to keep ants away from plants. Always test it on a small part of the plant before using it on the entire plant to make sure it won't damage it.

18. Fruit and Vegetable Wash: This is a great way to clean any pesticides or residue from fresh fruits and vegetables. Simply add 1/4 teaspoon of soap to a bowl of water; soak and then gently rub the produce using your hands. Then rinse with plain water.

19. Teeth Cleaner: This one might be tough to handle, but if you can handle the taste, you can use a drop of soap on your toothbrush to brush your teeth. You might want to use a peppermint or tea tree oil Castile soap.

20. Plant Spray for Bugs: I use this in my garden to keep the grasshoppers off my new and young garden items! Keep the bugs off of your plants by mixing 1 tablespoon of Castile soap in a quart of water to make a spray.

21. Make-up Remover: Castile soap can be combined with witch hazel and a carrier oil to make a natural makeup remover. Mix equal parts of all three ingredients together and use a cotton ball to gently remove makeup. Then use a washcloth with warm water to remove any remaining residue.

22. Make-up Brush Cleaner:  Remember to wash your makeup brushes every week if you can. Don't worry, I didn't do that before either. All you have to do is simple fill a cup with warm water and a few drops of Castile soap. First rinse your brushes in water, then place them in the cup for about 10 minutes. Rinse the brushes again and allow them to air dry.

23. Scrub for Scouring: You can use a Castile soap scrub cleaner in your kitchen or bathroom. Mix 1 cup of Castile soap and 3 cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake some baking soda (the cleaning wonder in my opinion) and then spray the cleaning solution on the area that needs to be cleaned. Use a sponge or brush to scrub away any dirt or grime.

24. Pet Wash: Make sure what you're using is unscented and avocado free, since some essential oils and avocados can be toxic to animals. The exact amount of soap you use will vary depending on the amount of hair and the size of your animal. In general, use a small amount of soap mixed with water to wash your pet. Then rinse with clean water.

25. Mouth-wash: Make a mouthwash solution by adding 1 drop of Castile soap to a shot glass of water. Use peppermint soap or peppermint essential oil to improve the taste.

That's a WHOLE lot of reasons to use Castile soap isn't?

The one thing I also love, from a mom perspective, is that I can have my kids help me clean. I don't have to worry about them being in danger with what we clean with!

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