How to Find Time for Self-Care


Finding Time to Take Care of Yourself


Let's first talk about what self-care is:
The idea of "self-care" sounds like something new to some of us, but it is an old concept. Self-care is all about how you take care of yourself and making it a priority so that you can be your best self. Self-care is a practice and with anything that is a practice you have to become disciplined in practicing it.

As a mama, I know it's hard to focus on myself when I am busy all day long taking care of others. But I want to bring my best self to the people I love and care for everyday and that means I need to pay attention to myself regularly.

So to all my mamas reading this! I'm speaking directly to you. You don't need to do "all the things, all the time!" But you do need to be available to show up for your family in the best way you can, so if that means you need to take a 30 minute break by locking yourself in the bathroom while little people run a muck with dad- DO IT! --The more you do it, the better you're going to feel!

That leads me to the first topic on what defines self care.

It's a discipline!
If you aren't used to practicing self-care, it's going to be something you're gonna have to practice regularly to make it a habit. Creating a new habit means a few things: preparation, practice, and preparation again!

We are all busy, all the time. With technology at our fingertips it is hard to disconnect or unplug sometimes. Practice disconnecting from technology daily. By doing so you, you allow the things that distract you from paying attention to the more important things like, ourself, our family, or the time that you need to spend on something that has an important place in your life.
With self-care being a discipline means that it is not an indulgence. We do not have to feel guilty about it. It is about the respect you have for yourself and for the people you chose to spend your life with. It's about being mindful, and a tough mindedness sometimes, about how, when, what, and where you chose to spend your time.
I understand that some of us are required to be "connected," but at what cost? I am not saying that you need to disconnect for long, but maybe that means making that yoga class a priority twice a week for an hour, taking a walk with your kids in the evening for 20 minutes, or even giving yourself a mini facial while reading a chapter or two in your favorite book. Be prepared to shut down the devices- phone, TV, computer, etc. 

How to find the time: 
This is a BIG one! How do you find the time for what feels like one more thing added to the list of things to do? Well I hate to break it to you, but maybe you have too many things on your list to do. Start small, maybe 10-15 minutes a few times a week, unless you can dedicate more. Then build up to more as you need it.
Being intentional with your time and how you value yourself and your health will move up to the top of the list if it means that much to you! Trust me, your husband, wife, partner, even the kids will appreciate that you are taking care of yourself! It also sets a good example for your kids on how taking care of yourself is important and good. If you want your kids to make sure they take care of themselves when they get older, show them what that means. That leads me into my next topic...
It's for everyone:
I think there is a notion about self-care that aligns more with women, but in reality self-care is for everyone. It is important for everyone to take care of themselves right? Of course it is! So the idea that it's just for women is not accurate, it's for everyone! But mama, don't neglect yourself at the end of the day. What ends happening is you become miserable, unhealthy, and less likely to be your best self for those you love! You can't take care of others if you aren't healthy enough yourself. I definitely think it's harder for men to wrap their head around the whole self-care concept, but it's just as important. Even if you aren't a mom, you have someone you are showing up for most often, so think of them!

Gentlemen, you want to be your best for your family or yourself, so it's just as important. I definitely think it's harder for men to wrap their head around, but it's just as important. How you do it is up to you. You are in a much stronger place to give of yourself to those around you when you are putting this into action. Those that have the energy to take care of themselves have the energy to take care of others! So find your way guys! And of course mamas too! There is no right or way to practice self-care, which is my last and final point on how to find time for self-care.

There's no right or wrong way to do it:
Everyone has different needs or enjoyment so make your own path when it comes to self-care. Everyone is going to have different requirements on what helps them feel better. I can only offer suggestions, but I strongly suggest turning off the technology for a given amount of time while focusing on yourself. Here are some ideas on things you can do for self-care.
  • Turning off the TV instead of watching another episode of that Netflix series your currently indulging in!
  • Declining the second drink at the office happy hour or dinner with girls.
  • Saying “no”! Even if you want to help out or be available for that friend, sometimes a no is the better way to go.
  • Letting other people take care of themselves.
  • Drinking enough water in the day- trust me, when you are tracking it, you find out how often you don't drink enough!
  • Take a bath or give yourself a facial and catch up on that book you've been meaning to read.
  • Take a walk outside! Being outside is good for you!
  • Practice deep breathing for 10 minutes while having that afternoon cup of tea (or coffee for me)!
  • Pay attention to what you put on and in your body!
  • Go to bed on time!
  • Being financially responsible! Yep- even keeping your finances in order! It takes work, but at the end of the day you'll be happy you spent that time on it!

Yeah, so that was a lot of information!

If I didn't lose you, I hope you got something out of that. I can attest to having a very busy life and trying to keep up with it all. I do fell genuinely passionate about this topic especially as I get older. Taking notice of how I feel (health wise) and being productive and intentional with my time has become a top priority for me. I hope it is for you too!

To wrap up this post, I will add that Anything Mama Co. was started because I like taking care of my skin and paying special attention to what goes on my children's skin. I love me a good facial and a hot yoga class! That is my thing when it comes to self-care. Check out a few of AMC's best helpers here for a little self-care, even if you're short on time!

I have added a list of 50 ideas here that will help you find some self-care ways into your life! 


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