Self Care Sunday Tip #4- SING it OUT!!!


As soon as I started looking into singing as self care, I was blown away with how much singing can do for you! I had no idea! It took me two weeks to research and read up on all the greatness this can do for you!

Since I found such an abundance of information on this, I decided to focus on four areas that someone can benefit from, from singing:

  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Behavioral
  • Physical 


There are some pretty cool emotional benefits from singing.

  • Studies have shown that singing can lower your stress levels and anxiety because of the release of oxytocin and endorphins in the brain.
  • Singing can lower cortisol in the body, which relieves stress. This also led to show that singing improved feelings of depression and loneliness because it increased feelings of trust.
  • Singing also showed an increase in confidence!

Sounds like we need to make sure our kids are getting plenty of singing time to help them stay confident, for ourselves as well!

Singing is a mindful activity that helps you turn off the distractions, enjoy the music, and gain some spirituality. The amazing thing about singing is that it doesn't have to be "spiritual" music either, singing in general can do this.


Singing is a great way to engage in social settings with others. The social aspect of it transcends into the other areas discussed and can bring people together. Singing helps strengthen bonds with others and improves social cohesion.

Singing has also shown to synchronise heartbeats! I think that is such a beautiful thing! What a beautiful way to create community with others!

One study, form George Washington University, had shown that singers of choral group suffered less from depression, had fewer doctor visits, and took fewer medications. This study group had an average age of 80.

The studies on singing also show that kids learn better with song. Take a look at preschool and kindergarten classes. How many of your kids have learned something through song? So start or keep singing with your kids, big or small!


Singing also helps us increase our self-efficacy! It increases our confidence and just helps make you feel better.

There was a study that was done with a homeless charity called The Choir With No Name. It found that 60% of participants that were in the singing group had moved on to either become a volunteer, find more stable living accommodations, or get a job. It gave hope to some forgotten individuals. 

Singing is a way for us to express emotion and eliminate stress, and feel better about ourselves!

***Music as therapy refers to the impact of music upon the psychological aspect of an individual; it can be used to improve mood, regulate emotion and relieve stress (Clair & Memmott, 2008).


The positive effects of singing are all summed up here! Every one of the reasons listed above play out in the physical benefits that singing can provide. There were so many that I only chose a handful.

Here are some of the physical benefits that singing provides:

  • Increased aerobic exercise- especially for elderly and disabled people
  • Increased oxygenation to the blood
  • Increases endorphins- the bodies natural pain and stress fighters
  • Stimulates the pineal gland, which controls the body’s biological clock
  • Making the long O sound, like in ocean, stimulates the pancreas which regulates blood sugar
  • Singing the double o sound, like in tool- strengthens immunity by activating the spleen which produces the infection fighting white blood cells
  • Improves lung capacity
  • Stimulates the vagus nerve, the longest cranial nerve- which is connected to breathing, digestion, and heart rate. It is connected to the vocal chords in the back of your throat. This action of increasing the vagal tones basically relieves stress.
  • Singing also tones intercostal and abdominal muscles and the diaphragm, and stimulates circulation.

I know this blog post may sound like a research report, but there was so much information about singing. There was also so much more information about the positive affect and effect of singing. The impact of singing is truly GREAT!

I hope that all of you who read this and try a little singing for yourself!

This is the perfect time of year to put this self care tip into practice! I hope that all that read this blog post will try singing with your kids, family, and friends this holiday season! This is such a great way to share some joy, laughs, and improve your health! 

When I look at my children, I remember some of their most tranquil play times they were singing! My daughter McKayla used to sing to herself all the time. Being an only child for so long I guess perhaps that was her way of being happy. It was the sweetest sound too! My twins sing a lot too! I also love when I get to hear a new song they learned in school or when they like a song on the radio and try to sing along!

Maybe it's time to bust out the Karaoke machine and have a "Sing Star" night!

Happy singing!


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