Self Care Sundays: Tip #1- Take a Bath or Shower, Spa STYLE

Self Care Sundays- Tip #1 Self-Care

It's my goal to help you find time to care for yourself so that you can give the best version of yourself! That's why this beautiful Sunday afternoon I am going to start with #1 on the list!

My first self care tip is to take a bath or shower. You can soak in both and get a nice spa-like experience out of it if you set your space up!

It may sound so simple and you are probably wondering WHY is this a self care idea since most of us shower regularly. There are those days MAMAs where taking a shower or bath is a distant destination. With ALL that happens in a day with kids, work, schedules, etc., sometimes it's hard to getting around to enjoying it!

I absolutely don't want to leave out my LADY GODDESSES who may not have kiddos or their kids are all grown up! You deserve this time to yourself just as much too. Life gets crazy busy sometimes and we get stuck in work mode or doing for others mode.

Well I'm here to help shift this idea for you! It's time to create some time and space for yourself. Making this time for yourself a chance to turn down the noise of all the distractions and things and focus on you to help you be the best YOU

I'll be honest too, I'm not exactly a bath taker, and my best friend in Chicago is really good about taking baths! So I say shower or bath, because we all have a preference. This doesn't mean you can't make a shower a spa-like experience.

Let me be the one cheer you on and encourage YOU to slow it down for a little time for yourself. Oh yeah! Make this bath or shower like a mini spa session!

Let's start with setting up YOUR spa!

  • If you have kids or fur babies, make sure everyone is tucked nicely in for the night! (Assuming your doing this in the evening or nap-time!)
  • Light some candles, my favorites are from DW
  • Put on your favorite playlist, like the Piano Guys or Adele, my personal favs!
  • Grab a glass of wine, hot chocolate, or hot tea
  • If you're taking a bath, grab some cucumbers slices to de-puff and hydrate the eyes!
  • Get that shower or bath steamed up!
  • Make sure you have your favorite robe or plush towel handy for when you're done!

Next, let's pick the scent you want for your aromatherapy!

Maybe it's a Lavender Bath Bomb infused with shea butter and coconut oil and essential oil? Or maybe you'd like something more harmonious with the Harmony Bath Bomb with essential oil blends of Purify and Aroma Therapy.


If you prefer a shower, maybe you're in the mood for some Eucalyptus to help clear the sinuses or relax and unwind with Grapefruit shower steamer to uplift your mood!

Once you've made your decision, place your favorite shower steamer or bath bomb in! Step in and let the warm water relax you. Use the time that you're in there take you to relaxation central! If you need to meditate and re-center yourself after a hectic day, now is your chance! Don't be intimidated my the word meditation, it's a practice and you gotta start somewhere.

If you're in the bath, maybe it's time to catch up on a chapter or two in that book you've been meaning to read. Accompany it with a glass of wine or some hot chamomile tea! Maybe you just want to soak and listen to that playlist.

If you're in the shower and you get a good steam going, it's a perfect opportunity to give yourself a facial too, let the steam open up and clean your pores! Don't forget, to have that playlist going too! Music is a great way to relax and enjoy some time to yourself. Of course, I'm always game for some peace and quiet these days!

When you're done soaking and have had a chance to relax and unwind, wrap yourself up and dry off in that cozy towel or robe! Follow up your mini spa session with the marvelous Anything Mama Company Shea Butter Lotion! It leaves your skin feeling so fabulous and moisturized!

I hope this didn't sound complicated! All I want if for you, is to find time for yourself! Add or take away the things that will make this time for you special!

Please leave your comments or questions for me too! I always love a good idea or suggestion!

Happy Sunday! Love,

Chanel xoxo

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