Self Care Tip #2- Read a book!

Reading is good for you Self Care Tip #2 Self-Care

I am so excited for this self care tip! Maybe because at this season of my life I find it harder to find quiet time to read and the motivation!

I hope these seven reasons on why reading is one of the best ways to do some self care for yourself make you run to find the the next best book you've ever read!

Let's first get you all comfortable! So put your feet up, maybe turn on the fire and cozy up with your favorite throw! What I am about to share with you will give you some amazing food for thought!

#1- Reading strengthens the brain and has a strong relation to preventing Alzheimers disease. I am starting with this reason because I feel like it just might be one of the most important in my opinion. Our brains are constantly working and evolving. They aren't an actual muscle, but they work like one. They are far more complex than a muscle, but can be treated much like a muscle! Just like cardio works the heart, reading works the brain. Consider reading like cardio for the brain!

#2- Reading can calm you down. So I guess it's more like read on to keep calm! A study done in 2009 at Sussex University showed that reading could reduce stress by 68%! Wow! I just never thought of reading having that sort of capability, even more so than listening to music. I will say this means reading for enjoyment, not reading the newspaper or magazine, although those are great ways to fill in for reading. Being immersed into a book that you enjoy can take you to another world!

#3- Which leads me to the next reason why reading is so awesome! It helps us tap into our imagination. Do you ever remember reading as a kid? I remember I loved the Baby Sitter's Club. These girls were so cool, and they could solve anything! I am pretty sure I wished I could be one of them when I was girl! But my imagination would take me other places for hours sometimes! Reading shows us that we become better thinkers too. That goes along with being better problem solvers, communicators and critical thinkers.

#4- This one is pretty obvious, but it will bring it to top of mind. Reading increases our linguistic skills. We're exposed to more vocabulary and different facts, situations, and perspectives that we wouldn't normally be exposed to. Therefore, making us a little smarter! That makes me feel smarter just knowing that!

#5- Reading can help us become more empathetic and to see past our stereotypes and assumptions. Think about it, the investment we make into a fictitious character helps us become more aware and understanding of others. It increases our empathy since we have invested this time in getting to know who the characters are and why they are where they are.

#6- Reading before bed is the perfect accompaniment into a good night sleep! Who needs this one! Studies have shown that reading 15-20 minutes before bed versus screen time, can help you relax better and prepare you for a better night sleep. Reading before bed tells your mind that it's time to slow down and get some rest! The best part is that it's not much time either, a small investment for a big reward!

#7- And last, but definitely not least, reading is positive entertainment! Generally what you are reading is enjoyable for you and it gives you some sort of positive affect. The next time you read a book or something for enjoyment, think about how you feel. It could be adding years to your life!

So do you now want to go find a book to read? 

After researching this topic, I discovered how much I miss reading and now why I need to be doing it more!

You're probably wondering how this even relates to bath and body products. Well, maybe it doesn't exactly, but I want my products to make your skin feel the way your brain does when you read! I want your skin to thank you by slowing it's aging and feeling cared for like your brain does when you read a book! And at Anything Mama Co. it's all about taking care of yourself so that you can be the best version of you for who you need to!

If you aren't sure where to look for your next good read, you can always check out what's on the New York Times best selling list or my favorite, visit the library! Your local librarian will have your back and can probably recommend some good ones to start with!

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P.S.: Since I was sick last week and wasn't able to give you the second week’s self care tip until tonight! I will putting up Self Care Tip #3 this week! And this one is one of my favorite things to do!

Much love and have a great week!




Lewis, D. (2009), Galaxy Stress Research. Mindlab International, Sussex University, UK.


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