Self Care Tip #8- Wear your favorite outfit!!!

I'm not sure if you will think this a an actual "self care" tip, but if you are a living, human being I am sure that you have felt something special when you have put on something special. 

That is what today's blog post is all about!

I remember the days when I was in high school and I was sooo into fashion! Ok, so maybe that was most of my life...but in different ways! I was way more out there in some of my attire when I was in high school. I remember these white patten leather, slingback Classified cloggy looking shoes I used to wear! I thought they were so cool! I also had this faux leather coat with fur lining that was seriously my favorite thing to wear! I probably looked like I was straight out of the 60's but it was cute!

So my question to you is, do you have something in your closet that makes you feel AMAZING? It might just be time to find an occasion to wear it!

Now that I am approaching the big 4-0 next week, I have a different outlook on what I wear on a daily basis from back in high school. Not that I'm not looking to find an opportunity to dress up and look cute, but those opportunities definitely don't present the same as they did in high school! So, I try to make sure I do find little opportunities to dress it up a little or wear some pretty red lipstick!

I will also add that it is a struggle sometimes when you are thinking about ALL the style that is out there. Then you try and grasp what your "style" actually is? Well, I can say for myself that I find my style to lay somewhere between the preppy and sometimes boho comfortable styling of a 30-something mom with little children! If that wasn't a mouthful!

I am fortunate enough to have a BFF that owns a clothing boutique and who is AMAZING at helping with style, how to shop and wear clothes that compliment my body type! My girl Shannon has basically opened me up again to the idea that just because I am a stay at home mom, doesn't mean I have to wear slippers all day! She has also reminded me that if you like and it makes you feel good- WEAR IT! Sure there are some dos and don'ts, but you get the gist! She shares all her fabulous finds, tips, and tricks to having a "mom friendly" wardrobe at her online shop Layered By Cake! Check out the blog section for some great ideas and tips on how to style and wear your favorite things...and how to get your closet organized- FOR REAL!


It has definitely gotten harder to "find" my style as I have gotten older, only because I know my body has changed, my likes have changed and how I feel about shopping for myself has changed. I don't work in the office setting anymore and spend most of my days on and off the floor with two littles, so I need comfort! But that doesn't mean I don't want to look nice if I am running out of the house.

This is where the self-care tip comes in. If you feel better when you put on a little make-up then WEAR IT! If you feel better when you dress-up a little one day, then DO IT! There doesn't have to be a special occasion and it doesn't mean you are trying to impress everyone else around you. You are doing it, FOR YOU! I hope that you remember that doing things that make you feel good about yourself isn't bad!

The days I get up, work out, do my reading, and shower and put on some makeup for the day- I feel like I just crushed it! And it's only 9am! I think it is important to pay attention to how we feel about ourselves and when. Maybe you just don't want to do the whole make-up, outfit, and hair thing everyday, but I bet on the days that you do, you feel AWESOME! If it makes you feel good and you enjoy- more power to ya!

Let's also clarify here that I don't mean you have to wear your favorite entire outfit all the time. Maybe you have your favorite top or jeans (I'm guessing we all do) and maybe you're having a particularly rough week and you decide to wear them more than once in the week! Don't worry, nobody will know and I'm pretty sure everyone does it! I know my favorite jeans will get worn several times in the week on the regular! Just changing up the top and accessories and no one knows...except you now!

So when I say wear your favorite outfit for some self care, TRY IT! There just might be a compliment out there waiting for you! Do it because it brings JOY to you!


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