Self Care Tip #9- Get Together With Your Gal Pals!

Sometimes You Just Need Some Girl Time!

Are you due for some time away? I'm talking about specific and intentional time away with your gal-pals! Don't get me wrong, I love my babies, I am super BLESSED to be able to stay home with them. I also love a good date night with my hubby too! But, today's blog is all about being able to connect with your community of ladies/mommies that lift you up and make you feel great when you are with them!

For myself, the seasons have carried that motivation, or a lack there of. When you are a new mommy, sometimes you really just want to be home. As the babes get older, I think it is healthy to find time away from them to give yourself a mental health day so to speak. Let that distance let the heart grow fonder, meaning, let them miss you a little!

Whatever season you are in, there are some times when hanging out with your "girl tribe" (those friends that just get you!), just makes you feel a whole lot better. It makes a difference for my own wellbeing. It's like you get to return back to your family feeling rejuvenated and that feeling you get when you're excited to see them!

For myself, I have noticed the difference more in the past five years. Now that I am home with my twins we are together all the time except 2 days a week for around 3 hours. My husband also works from home. With that said it's just usually a whole lot of family time together! So I REALLY look forward to hanging out with my girlfriends now and then.

I had my first child at a young age, and I was definitely much more immature. I was young enough to keep up, but as not as weathered with the patience needed for parenting. Now I have 4 year old twins at 40 and I have the patience that comes with age, but far less energy than my 20 year old body had!

With all that to say, the seasons throughout mom-HOOD carried different times away with friends. I have always appreciated that time with my girl-friends. I can also tell you that I have several groups of friends. One group has a friend in it that I have known for over 30 years! Another that has my girlfriends from junior high and high school that it just takes me back to those vibrant and fun filled days! My last group of newer friends, help me along in my current life and business and can relate to what I am trying to do on the daily in my life. Needless to say, I CHERISH ALL OF THEM!

This blog post was really supposed to be like a phone call from a long lost friend checking in on you! Are you getting little moments here and there to connect with those that help you feel good and lift you up? Maybe it's time you set some intention behind your thoughts and put a coffee/tea night together with some of your girls to catch-up. We just had a day at Glen Ivy, a natural hot springs day spa! It was absolutely a beautiful and relaxing day!


Your get-togethers definitely don't need to be at a day spa either! Maybe do dinner, or lunch or a coffee and pastry date! Be creative! If you are an active person with active friends, try hiking or like I did with my friend for her birthday last month, we went horseback riding!


I find that these times help to bring some relief to your brain! It's like decompressing from having been called upon 5000 times a day. You get to talk about the silly things that happen in your life. Talk through and figure out how to realign the things that might be out of sync. I love being able to compliment my friends too- on how they are crushing it in whatever season they are going through!

I also realize with all of this said, that it's important for my husband to get that time away too! So when he has an opportunity, I do try to encourage him to take that time away too, so that he can come home refreshed too!

This week, I encourage you to schedule some time away with some friends!

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