Time to EXERCISE! Self Care Tip #10

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Time for some REAL talk this Sunday morning! This self-care tip is one that is very close to my heart and one that I struggle with A LOT. Today's post is all about EXERCISE and how I struggle to stay consistent and hopefully inspire you to start.

I'd like to start off by saying that I really do love to exercise and I know what it does for my mind and my body when I am consistent. So why is it that I have such a hard time making it consistent in my life?

Well, of course there's the kids, the house, work, husband, etc. But at some point you have to tell yourself, ok enough with the excuses "self"! I'll be honest, I have had a tough road of working out the last year and half due to a bed a ACL injury. I acquired it while jumping on the trampoline with my kids.

Needless to say, I have had to modify A LOT! Yes I have gained back weight that I lost, but that doesn't mean I can't get back to where I was! That's where I want to inspire and encourage you to join me in setting a daily goal for yourself to get up and get moving! These are my tips for myself on keeping a good workout routine going:

If you aren't exercising on a daily basis or at least four days a week, what is keeping you from it? I want to hear form you too!

I am sure if you are reading this you have started or tried some sort of diet or workout program sometime in your life. I have been there and done that too! So, if it didn't work, did you find out why? From what I read, it's mostly about the being "consistent" part for many. So, for myself, I have reminders set on my phone to track certain things that will help keep me accountable. I turned them off for a while, but once I started using them again, it started to making a difference again! I also know being accountable to a group/friend can also help!

That got me thinking, what if you broke things down into smaller pieces? Meaning, for the next 21 days (since that's how long it takes to create a habit) you do just one thing! Maybe that's making sure you walk for 20 minutes a day (or two 10 minute intervals). Maybe you make sure you drink enough water every day- a minimum of half your body weight in ounces. Or, maybe you cut out sugar for 21 days. 

Then the next 21 days, after you CONQUER and CRUSH your first habit  you decide to add to that new habit! Conquering the next new habit!

For myself, I find that exercising daily makes me WANT to keep on the past to healthy so I really do try to do ALL the things! That doesn't mean that is what is going to work for you, but do you think it's time to try? It also doesn't mean that I don't struggle sometimes.

Since I am not a fitness expert, make sure you check with your practitioner on getting started with a new fitness program!

Regardless of my injury, I don't want to hold myself back anymore of feeling good and know I am doing everything I can to take care of my body that is with in my control.

I know it's hard for everyone and everyone has something different that holds them where they are, but stop psyching yourself out on why you CAN'T and start telling yourself you CAN! You gotta start the journey to see where you go.

I hope today sparks a fire inside of you to start something for yourself! Recognize how it makes you feel and focus on that feeling to PUSH you through the HARD stuff! NO EXCUSES!!!

I think anyone reading this knows how important exercise is. So my question to you is are you doing it? If so, I want to hear from you about what keeps you going and what made you start.


 P.S.: Remember that working out or exercising is different for ALL of us! We are all running our own marathon and we will all get there on our own path! But you have to start the journey in order to see where your path takes you! START TODAY!

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