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Chuck Brammer Memorial Primary School

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The Chuck Brammer Memorial Primary School in Bo, Sierra Leone
Chuck Brammer was taken from this Earth unexpectedly. He meant so much to so many that some special people thought it was fitting to keep his memory alive. With that, they decided to start the primary school in his honor.
Almost all the children of Chuck Brammer Memorial Primary School are children of Simbaru Women's Development Association (SWODA).
SWODA is a community based organization that was started in 2013 for women affected by the civil war.

The Founder of the school is Katie Conteh:
Anything Mama Co. will be sharing more about her so STAY TUNED!

Chuck Brammer Memorial Primary School was established in January, 2016 in memory of Mr. Chuck Brammer. It was started for the children of Simbaru Women's Development Organization (SWODA).

The one thing the SWODA women wanted most for their children was education and they requested to have a primary school. Most of these children stayed home while their more privileged friends go to school. Sierra Leone by then didn't have free education, therefore most children couldn't afford school.
The school has grown to more than 250 students and more women are bringing their children to the school. Kadie Conteh has been running the school in her compound and in small buildings. Due to the population in the school, they have many challenges like, lack of a standard school building, teaching and learning materials, furniture, and even teacher's salaries.

As in many conflicts, women and children are mostly affected. Most of these women were children during the war and some of the older ones were adults with young children. The war drastically eroded the social and structural units of most families. Hence the capacity of such families to meet the basic needs of their children was grossly undermined, resulting in the loss of a guaranteed means of livelihood or the provision of basic education.
These women grew up in very deplorable conditions with the effect to last for generations to come. Many of their parents/ caregivers were killed or abducted leaving them as orphans or abandoned girls at an early age. As orphaned or abandoned girls, they suffered from neglect and abuse which caused psychological and physical problems. These women were abused horribly as children, some became wives of the soldiers after abduction. Sadly enough, some of them don't even know where they came from. They grew up in the bushes at the hands of soldiers having children in the process. Of course most of them became war widows with children.

With all that said, this little school holds a big a special place for the hop of these children and I am so honored to support them in their future!

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