Why Botanical Oils?

I'm not sure if you have noticed, but the world of skincare has taken on a natural approach to the way we take care of our skin.

Does it seem like Botanical Oils are ALL the rage right now? Or have they always been, but now people are starting to realize that the synthetic world isn't as great as we thought?

Today I'm talking a little about the world of botanical oils! The things the Earth provides can and will keep your skin looking beautiful, nourished, and younger!

Why? Let's look at why these oils are so great for your skin:
  • The molecular structure of these plant oils are very fine and smooth that allows them to be readily absorbed helping to protect, repair and nourish the skin. In contrast is the molecular structure of synthetically derived oils that are produced/derived from petroleum and are a much courser structure and cannot be absorbed deep into the skin layers.
  • The high fatty acid content helps nourish the skin and protect it. When your skin is up against the elemental stresses like the sun, air conditioners, not drinking enough water and drinking too much coffee or alcohol; botanical oils are a proven benefit for all skin types.

What oils can you expect in Anything Mama Co. products?

I try my very best to make sure that the oils I use in my products are sourced responsibly. I also look at the efficacy of the oils and shelf life. When these products are made, they are meant to be used! Used daily and often for all skin types. You're skin is exposed to elements daily, so it deserves the utmost attention if you want to keep it looking healthy and beautiful!


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