About Anything Mama Co.


If you are reading this I am truly thankful and humbled that you are here with me.

I'm Chanel Nessman and I'm terrified when it comes to talking about myself, but I do love to talk about the things I am passionate about. One of those things is my family of course, which is why I started Anything Mama Company.

My son, Sean, of my boy/girl twins, has eczema. He is the reason I started playing around with Shea Butter and botanical oils. It seemed like everything I was trying wasn't really cutting it. My poor guy had food allergies and asthma and eczema commonly shows up as a side affect to that. So after way too much money at CVS and Walgreens, I decided that there has to be a better way to help soothe his skin.

I didn't intentionally decide to make lotion and turn it into a business, I was doing it mostly to give as gifts and to help my kiddo. Then I would play around with homemade sugar scrubs and bath bombs for the kids. That's when a friend of mine was like "Hey, can I buy some from you?" She wanted them for a gift with purchase promotion she was doing for her shop.

That's when it really sparked something inside me! I realized I really was craving to start something that I thought could help others. I have always been one to try anything, hence the name Anything Mama, and maybe this was it!

I am married to my number one fan and friend, no matter how much grief I give him! I have three beautiful kiddos, McKayla- 20, Olivia & Sean- 4. We live in the foothills of San Bernardino County in California and I am super passionate and blessed about helping others feel great in their own skin with all natural products and share my ways I enjoy self-care for myself and my family.








Chanel Nessman