Helpful Tips

Helpful tips on these fabulous products!

  • When storing your scrubs, it's best to keep them upside down! Those wonderful oils will stay at the top. When you are almost ready to use it, flip it back over and it's ready to use in a few minutes!
  • What happens if it feels like my scrub is hard? Sometimes water gets inside or the oils have sunk a little. That's ok! Try turning it over for a bit to see if the oils can re-hydrate the sugar or you can add a little olive oil, vitamin E oil, or even jojoba oil (if you have it), to soften it up! You may have to break up some sugar if it's clumping.
  • Lotions- these lotions are pure shea butter and botanical oils, keeping them out of the direct sunlight and in a temperature controlled area is best.
  • Your lotion can also be stored in the refrigerator to use your lotion as a body butter!
  • Want the perfect hand and/or foot treatment? Prepare a damp hand towel with hot/warm water (whatever temperature you can handle). Lather your lotion on your hands or feet and place a heated wet towel over them for 5 minutes! Viola!