Cranberry Spice
Cranberry Spice

Cranberry Spice

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Cranberry Spice and everything NICE is so good! The scent is cranberry, fresh orange notes with a hint of spice apples. Spiced apples provide a smooth undertone, and the citrus of the orange makes it nice a bright. This scent is warm and inviting; the perfect complement to crisp fall weather.

The glass candle vessel and lid don't only make for beautiful home decor, but for multi-purpose use after you are finished with your candle. Put cotton balls, q-tips, or any other small item you need storage for inside!

This candle is hand-poured Soy wax.

Candle: Approx. 8oz. Net Wt.

50-hour burn time.

Glass vessel and wood lid

3.5" l x 3.5" w x 4" h

1.2 lb