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Shea Butter and Emu Oil Cream

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When your skin needs extra loving, this cream is the answer!

Not only can this cream be used as face and body cream, but can also be used as a stretch mark and scar minimizer. For those of you that live in windy, extra dry,  or cold areas, you can use this as a wind and cold barrier cream!

Try it chilled for that extra “ahhhh”, especially when your skin is sunburned. Try it warmed to sooth a sore spot!

This decadent soothing cream will take the puff out of your eyes! Even when they need a few more hours of sleep! Say goodbye to that morning eye puffiness with this cream! Yes, sometimes nature takes precedents, but this cream works on the fine creases and softens the area underneath and surrounding the entire eye area.

And believe it or not, because of all the anti-inflammatory properties in this cream, it is also a pimple reducing cream, a red-skin soothing cream. And so much more. 

This balm is dreamy and it will become on of your all time favorites!


Refined Shea butter: A little goes a long way! Refined Shea Butter is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and absorbs easily into the skin. It can be used on all skin types.

Refined Emu Oil: This amazing oil contains 70% of the essential fatty acids found in skin. It naturally contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E, Linoleic acid , Sapogens, Terpines, and Oleic acid. This is the really really GOOD stuff!