Summer Scrub Bundle!

Summer Scrub Bundle!

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This decadent body scrub will spoil you! Leaving your skin soft and moisturized. It not only exfoliates gently, but you can use as a shaving base. Scrub down, rinse sugar off lightly and then shave. You probably won't want to shave any other way!

Keep a jar sink side and take a small scoop and scrub/massage into your hands (it works as a great deodorizer, especially if you are cooking with onion or garlic!). Then rinse off the sugar and excess oil. Your hands will feel like they just had luxurious manicure!

Bundle comes in 4oz. Nt. Wt. jars with these three scents:

  • Coco Lime
  • Coconut Milk
  • Ginger Tease

Pro-Tip on how to use:

Lightly dampen skin and turn off water so you can massage a few finger tips full into the area you are scrubbing. Then lightly rinse sugar and either shave for the most luxurious shave base ever or massage those oils in for beautiful shining and smooth skin! It will feel like you just came out of a moisture shower! I suggest scrubbing down after you have cleansed your hair and you are ready to get out!